Test Fit Drawings

Is your office space in need of an update? Are you looking to redecorate or reorganize the setup of your space? Are you moving? The professional design team at Furniture Solutions Now can help you strategize a new setup for your office and business space with unique test fit drawings services! We’ll work closely with you to develop a simple yet effective floor plan and test fit to help you determine the best and most optimal layout for your space, taking into account not only the aesthetics of your space but also its function. With our test fit services, you’ll discover how your space can be updated and organized for optimum efficiency and functionality, with a focus on missing or necessary components to take your space from drab to fab! Our test fit services work wonderfully in conjunction with our other furniture solution services and are the perfect alternative to hiring expensive interior design and decor services. We make it affordable and efficient for your business to update its space and take it to the next level with test fit plans that make sense and work.